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Fiction Books – One Star – Flawed

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The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena – 2016. New York: Viking AUDIOBOOK narrated by Kirsten Potter

Oh boy, a lot of problems here. Very unliterary writing, Horrible. Monotone. Narration. With. Bizarre. Emphasis, dreadful plot holes, more goddamn unreliable narrator. If your baby ever goes missing, as this couple’s baby does, pray to god that you get a better detective. And, to top it off, a ludicrous ending. But a New York Times bestseller.


Double Take – Catherine Coulter – 2007. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Sandra Burr and Phil Gigante

Irritating mysticism. If you like simplistic irrational characters and the psychics that prey on them, you’ll like this one.

Feared (Rosato & DiNunzio #6) – Lisa Scottoline – 2018. New York: St. Martins. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Kate Burton

I thought a reverse discrimination suit would be interesting against an all-female firm, but it is quickly revealed to be a hoax, so any exploration into the legal issues is conveniently squashed. The protagonist’s Italian family and community are presented as funny though they aren’t; an unprovoked physical assault goes without notice, apparently because it’s committed by a good guy; and this narrator is very unpleasant. I do still appreciate the unconventional partner Judy, but her alleged deep but secret relationship with a co-worker is ludicrous. Also, the story was fundamentally sad, and the murderer seemed highly unlikely. Bad.


Informationist – Taylor Stevens – 2011. New York: Broadway. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Hillary Huber

DNF The book goes straight downhill after the exciting title. The protagonist is a gender-ambiguous specialist in information, allegedly with exceptional skills, although nothing in the early pages shows any technical skill other than that she downloads a file. So much time was spent setting up her (unbelievable) character, from her amazing abilities, to her preoccupation with a type of motorcycle, her physical beauty, power over men, etc., I had to stop listening lest my eyes never roll forward into my eye sockets again. Does this really pass as acceptable writing?


The Little Friend – Donna Tartt – 2002. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Karen White

Very disappointing earlier work by the writer of the fantastic Goldfinch. It’s so bad, it’s hard to believe it was written by the same writer. I wonder if I might have heard an abridged version because the novel is loooong.


Rocky Road to Romance – Janet Evanovich, co-written – 1991. New York: Bantam Books. AUDIOBOOK narrated by C.J. Critt

DNF I was prepared to enjoy this story, but the two main characters seemed almost repellent (were they supposed to be cute?) and instantly in love with each other. What was the point? I didn’t make it past a few pages.

Someone Is Watching – Joy Fielding – 2015. New York: Ballantine Books. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Christina Traister

Silly story of a woman traumatized by an attack who hides in her apartment only to discover that she is still not safe. It was a good premise, but her illogical behavior and the open questions became very irritating.


Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware – 2016. New York: Scout Press. AUDIOBOOK narrated by Imogen Church

A travel writer lucks onto a cruise to see the northern lights but becomes distraught when she thinks she hears the woman in the cabin next to hers being thrown into the ocean. There is little evidence that her story is true, and whatever there is disappears as she fails to secure it. She seems to twist herself in knots to suspect unlikely people and make as much commotion as she can while failing to put two and two together. After an unbelievable case of hidden identity, an unlikely escape from freezing waters, weird time sequence of plot lines that made me think my iPod had malfunctioned, a stunning character flip flop, and a raging dangling end, I was inclined to throw the whole kit and caboodle in the drink myself, especially each time the protagonist said, “Oh, my head hurt so much I couldn’t think.” Is this really what passes for suspense these days? I should mention: this book won insane accolades and was a bestseller.

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