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    Inspired to extend a helping hand to ambitious women working in corporate America, a veteran executive offers honest, practical, slightly irreverent advice about navigating companies that are run and populated predominately by men.


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    Learn to see yourself as others do and become magnetic, magnanimous, and memorable! Savvy advice, specific examples, and tactical exercises to develop your presence—in months, not years.

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    Jennifer K. Crittenden earned an MBA in finance and worked for over twenty years in the US and abroad, rising from financial analyst to chief financial officer. She is the author of four books, including the award-winning Discreet Guide for Executive Women. She offers professional development programs through her company The Discreet Guide.

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Reviews of the Discreet Guide

“Although it trades a bit heavily in gender stereotypes, both male and female, Crittenden’s book is a practical guide that has much to offer any woman seeking to bolster her career.”
–Library Journal

“Succeeding in business and being your own woman comes with its own share of problems as you climb the tumultuous corporate ladder. “The Discreet Guide for Executive Women: How to Work Well with Men (and Other Difficulties)” is a guide for business women who find themselves in a position of power and want to create a harmonious environment in fields where misogyny often reigns highly. Vital reading for any woman who wants to navigate the toxic corporate culture, “The Discreet Guide for Executive Women” is a fine and much recommended pick for career and women’s studies collections.” —Mary Cowper, Midwest Book Review

“I would recommend it to any woman who wants to know how to succeed in a male-dominated environment. It offers a wealth of good advice.” —Alan Caruba, Bookviews

***** (Five out of Five Stars) “A Must-Have Book for the Aspiring Female Executive,” May 7, 2012

By Karin Eastham Clever, witty, and full of useful information for the aspiring female executive. Jennifer does a superb job in capturing all the key issues that women will face in their careers in this still male-dominated business world. Great stories, great guidance and wonderful humor are laced throughout this book. An easy read and a must-read for young female business professionals.

***** (Five out of Five Stars) “Professional Women Look Here,” April 8, 2012

By EPatrick
The subtitle of this book caught my attention; How to Work Well with Men. Jennifer does a good job of spilling the ins and outs of corporate America (and a little international advice too). It’s written as a guide of how to get ahead, spot and diffuse behaviors, and how to avoid uncomfortable situations you would not normally think about (attire, dating at work and business travel). It’s also written in a friendly way that makes you want to have the author as your boss not a “you must do this to this, because I did” type of language.I would highly recommend this book to any woman in the corporate world, not just future executives. I work in a male dominated company and plan to pass this book along to my fellow outnumbered sisters.***** (Five out of Five Stars) “A “Must Have” in every woman’s bucket of resources…,” March 5, 2012

By M.C. Mathis

Amazon Verified Purchase

A great book to have, and give as a gift, for any women entering into the corporate world. This book is an easy read due to the chronological layout of the chapters which starts of with smart strategic advice searching for your first job (very critical) and then the types of experiences/challenges you will encounter as you go up the ladder. Wish I had this when I graduated from college!


***** (Five out of Five Stars) “Very useful guide for women starting in business!,” February 15, 2012


This book is a very honest and real representation of what women face working in male-dominated firms. I wish I could give a copy to every other young professional woman I know who is starting out. I laughed my way through the stories and remembered funny, embarrassing, and great moments and revelations of my own! It serves as a wake-up call to women who think they can’t get ahead. This book outlines ways to get ahead by being smart, honest, and aware. Jennifer is a great writer and this is a fun book to read!


***** (Five out of Five Stars) “A MUST read for Women!,” February 10, 2012

By Linda A. Sullivan (Westfield, IN United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase

Where was this book when I was starting out? It would have saved me from learning everything the hard way. As an experienced professional woman, it is enlightening to see that my path wasn’t unique and the obstacles I have encountered are familiar to others. Great advice without being preachy and FUN to read.


***** (Five out of Five Stars) “specific observations and advice,”  February 7, 2012

By Kathie
Amazon Verified Purchase

This writer tells it like it is, and then how to meet the challenges.

The first hand experience of the author shines in detailed scenarios used to define problems. Her 20 years in corporate life add credibility to the advice in this cheerful book.

The structure of the book adds to the ease and pleasure of reading, and the generous treatment of difficult problems is unique in this subject matter.


*****  (Five out of Five Stars)  “Sound advice, fun to read.“,February 2, 2012

By Anonymous
Amazon Verified Purchase

Although I am not a businessperson, I found the advice in this book sound and helpful for steering my career. Plus the book is fun and easy to read because of the entertaining and enlightening stories.


***** (Five out of Five Stars)  “refreshing addition to the woman exec’s wardrobe”,February 1, 2012

By Reading Afficionado “Cindy” (San Diego, CA)

A great companion to the up and coming woman executive! Informative, practical and heartfelt, this guide gives pragmatic advice garnered from real life experiences by the author, a successful executive in her own right. Also encouraging, The Discreet Guide reminds us that we can play in the sand box with the boys, enjoy it, get respect and be successful as well.


From eBookMall.com:
**** (Four out of Four Stars) “Captivating”

The Discreet Guide for Executive Women: How to Work Well with Men (and Other Difficulties) written by Jennifer K. Crittenden is a quite poetic book, but instructive at the same time. It does not match my tastes really much, as it emphasizes only one perspective, not being analytically and critically enough. Anyway, it is an instructive, practical guide for women working in executive positions, but also for those who feel dominated at work by their bosses. It is quite readable, more like a late night reading and I found it very pleasant.

**** (Four out of Four Stars) “Helpful Book”

I am a woman working in this male-dominated world, and I found this book to be really insightful and helpful. It was recommended to me by a friend who is also a woman in the workforce, and sometimes has trouble or is just baffled by the men we work with.


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